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This Homeowner in Bloomfield, CT Said Farewell to Her Tile Floor's Grime Thanks to a Professional Grout Cleaning

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August 09, 2017

In most families, parents try their best to provide for their children. As time goes by, children want to return the love they were given as they grow older. The latter is how children thank their parents for the sacrifices and the love they gave. This family from Bloomfield, CT had always been close to each other. Even though children had moved and started their own families, they were always attentive to their parents' needs. The parents had seen their kitchen floor deteriorate over time. Their children, wanting to give their parents the best, replaced the old floor with textured tiles, which had accumulated grime and stains due to years of incorrect maintenance. The children understood that hiring a professional grout cleaning in Bloomfield was the only way to recover their parents' floor.

Before and After Picture of a Grout Cleaning Service in Bloomfield, CT
Clients' background: Getting to know the family
These parents had bought this house many years ago. They had raised their children there and now they've all left home and had started their own families. Their grown children would always try to minimize the work and risks at the parents' house. With this in mind, they had had texture tiles installed on the kitchen's floor some time ago. The children chose these tiles for their high traction and rustic yet elegant look. As time passed, the use of incorrect maintenance products and techniques built up a brownish layer of dirt and stains that were very apparent in the tile crevices and grout lines. The children decided to look for a reliable grout cleaning service in Bloomfield–their hometown.

A wise decision: Looking for a reliable company
This decision was made after the parents tried to get rid of the grime by themselves. They used different products and techniques, but it only seemed to worsen the situation. The mother was frustrated watching her kitchen floor deteriorate more and more every day. Finally, the children went online and found Sir Grout Hartford among the top results, and after visiting our website, they decided to schedule a free in-home consultation.

Floor's evaluation: The expert opinion
On the day of the assessment, Sir Grout Hartford's owner, Rod Carnes, showed up at the couple's home. As soon as he saw the floor, the causes of the problem, along with its solution, became evident to his experienced eyes. He began by explaining the causes of the problem. The floor had been subjected to soap-based cleaning products. These kinds of products leave a layer of film on the surface that attracts grime. So, when the owners thought they were cleaning, they were just adding to the layers of dirt. The textured surface of their particular floor further added to the accumulation of dirt in the pits and crevices. Over time, the combination of incorrect cleaning methods and the textured surface had resulted in a grungy, unsanitary kitchen floor. Fortunately, Rod also offered a solution that included deep cleaning the tile and grout and color-sealing the grout lines.

What is grout? Characteristics and problems
The owners had not only damaged the tiles, but also the grout lines. The experts explained that grout is indispensable for tile surfaces. It's a mortar-like compound used to fill in the space between newly installed tiles. Grout's main vulnerability is porosity, which allows the permeation of dirt and liquids. Such seepage can penetrate the surface under the tiles and cause chipping, cracks, stains, discoloration, and even crumbling in the grout lines. In the worst cases, water damage can lead to needing a replacement for the entire surface.

Protect your surfaces: The importance of sealing
The only way to prevent all these consequences from happening is to seal the surface as soon as it is installed; it is imperative to create a shield that protects both the tiles and the grout lines. A layer of sealant will keep liquids and soil on the surface, making the mess easier to clean. This way, the surface maintains an appealing look for much longer.

The restoration begins: Multistage procedure
On the set date, the experts came back to put their multistage plan in action to refresh the surface. They began by using a combination of appropriate cleaners and a professional scrubber that removed the grime buildup from the surface. They continued by using vapor steam cleaning to eliminate the most embedded dirt in the textured tile and the grout lines.

Once the surface had been thoroughly cleaned, they started the preventive stage by sealing the grout and tiles. The grout lines were protected with Sir Grout's ColorSeal—a modern, non-toxic grout sealant that creates a shield on the grout lines. ColorSeal also comes in a variety of colors so the owners could choose the perfect shade to match the tiles. The end result is totally uniform grout color throughout the floor and maximum protection against water penetration, soiling, staining, mold and mildew. After the grout sealing our technicians applied a high-end tile sealant to help the textured tile surface resist the accumulation of dirt.

Overall results: A refreshed surface
As soon as our team finished the job; they showed the results to the owners. The whole family was amazed by the appearance of the floor. They thanked us with a handshake as they looked at their revived kitchen floor. They said it looked just as clean and elegant as when it was installed.

Educating our clients: Care and maintenance tips
Before leaving, we gave some care and maintenance tips to the owners. We recommended cleaning the surface on a regular basis with soap-less, pH-neutral cleaners. We also suggested that the surface was always cleaned with a damp mop and it's important to remove any spills soon after it occurs.

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