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This Beautiful River Rock Shower Floor in Cromwell, CT, Gained Back Its Lively Colors Thanks to a Stone Cleaning Service

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May 15, 2017

Have you ever taken a stroll along a river and felt a peaceful and raw connection to nature? Imagine being able to have a similar atmosphere in your home's shower. If bringing a touch of nature to your property's décor is something that sounds appealing to you, then river rocks could be what you have been looking for.

Before and After Picture of a River Rock Shower Floor Stone Cleaning Service in Cromwell, CT
A client of ours loved the Connecticut river and for a long time she wanted to do something to her home that reminded her of her visits there. After looking through many decoration magazines, she found the answer in mosaic-like river rock shower floors. It was not long before she had them installed and for a time she was very happy with the results.

However, a few months down the line, she started noticing the pebbles and grout to appear deeply stained by mold and mildew. She thought nothing much of it at first, but after trying an innumerable amount of cleaning products and not noticing any changes, she knew it was time to get a professional stone cleaning company in Cromwell to restore her shower floor.

Before and After Picture of a River Rock Shower Floor Stone Cleaning Service in Cromwell, Connecticut
On a mission to find the best hard surface restoration experts in Cromwell, CT, she went on her computer and searched through Google, reading every review and removing options off her list when something turned up that she did not like. At last, after going through many reviews and recommendations, she found Sir Grout Hartford. After meticulously reviewing the galleries and past work, she opted to schedule an appointment for a free in-home evaluation.

On the appointed day, Sir Grout Hartford owner, Rod Carnes, arrived at our client's residence to examine the shower and offer the best possible solution. He noticed that the grout and some rocks were darkened with mildew and heavy soap scum build-up. He also pointed out cracks in the corner joints surrounding the shower floor, which can lead to leaks and bad smells from mold beneath the surface. He proposed a complete shower restoration service to get her custom shower back in shape and trusting his knowledgeable approach, she agreed.

Before and After Picture of a River Rock Shower Floor Stone Cleaning in Cromwell, Connecticut
Shower floors can be very prone to staining if they are not installed and treated properly. Some types of rocks are porous and absorb all kinds of substances that may affect their appearance; grout in river rock floors is also very porous. The combination of both elements makes the use of sealer imperative for this type of surface.

A few days after the assessment, an experienced Sir Grout Hartford technician returned to get the job done. He began by applying our own proprietary cleaner to break up the dirt and soap scum on the rocks, grout, and walls. After penetrating a few minutes, most of the dirt and soap film were dissolved. All surfaces were then scrubbed and rinsed. With the soap build-up removed, the technician then steam cleaned all the tile, grout and rock surfaces killing any mold, mildew or bacteria and completely sanitizing the shower.

With the cleaning process done, our technician proceeded to apply our own grout ColorSeal—a non-toxic water-based sealer that helps recolor grout while making it impervious to stains, water, and mold. After choosing a lovely color to enhance the tones of the stone mosaic, he re-caulked the shower joints to prevent future water damage. In this shower, we used an epoxy-based caulking material that will be water-tight and will not crack or deteriorate like traditional grouts or silicone caulks. To further improve the appearance and durability of the shower floor grout, we applied our Epoxy ColorSeal, which shields the grout against staining agents and mold.

After hours of labor, the team proudly showcased the results to our client. She was amazed, as her shower once again invoked a calming mood. She thanked Mr. Carnes and the rest of the team, saying she would have them back for maintenance when the time came.

River rocks are a perfect addition for nature lovers who want to add a bit of the outdoors into their home. This comes with some care requirements that can't be ignored, otherwise all the pains of installing them will be for nothing more than dirty rocks.

Sealing is a must, as are Sir Grout pH-balanced cleaners which are effective and environmentally friendly. Cleaning with concentrated ammonia, acid or solvent based product could end in disaster—the rocks could be etched or dulled, and they can also debilitate or completely dissolve your sealer, leaving your rock and grout pores exposed.

Are you in search of an experienced team that can help you restore a rock-mosaic style floor? Or do you own other natural stone surfaces that are in dire need of proper care? Here at Sir Grout Hartford we have all the tools and expertise required to reverse dulled and damaged surfaces.

Contact us calling (860) 781-6480 or by filling out our "Request a Quote" form. For more information on all kinds of hard surface restoration tips and tricks feel free to subscribe to our newsletter.

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