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Showering Feels Great Again For This Couple Thanks to Plainville Caulking Services

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May 08, 2023

It's not easy to keep a shower in good working order. To keep a shower from deteriorating, time and money are frequently required. This was discovered the hard way by a couple from Plainville, CT. They adored their home but lacked the time to keep it clean. They had noticed something was wrong with the shower, but due to their busy schedules, they promised to try to fix the problem when they had free time. It wasn't until a few months later that they were finally able to take a few days off work and attempt to clean their shower.

Before and After Our Shower Caulking Services in Plainville, CT
The couple went to a nearby store one morning and purchased many cleaning supplies in order to clean the shower. They started working on the surfaces as soon as they arrived home hoping to see instant improvements. Because cleaning the grout on the walls proved impossible, they chose to clean the joints around the floor instead. They observed the caulk behind the filth was badly fractured as they cleaned the joints. That's when they realized they'd have to make repairs. Concerned, they turned to the internet for help. To avoid major water damage, most sources recommended having the floor restored by professionals.

The couple agreed after some discussion that they wish to avoid unnecessary expenditures. As a result, they began looking for Plainville Caulking Services. They came across Sir Grout Hartford in the first page of search results. The homeowners called to book a free in-home evaluation after watching several video testimonials from former customers and exploring our picture gallery.

Before and After Our Ceramic Shower Caulking Services in Plainville, CT
We went to the couple's home on the day of the evaluation to inspect the shower. We saw the shower fittings were in bad shape as soon as we walked in. The grout was stained and the caulk had degraded significantly. Excess of water and poor upkeep were most likely to blame. We inquired about the homeowners' cleaning habits. They added that, despite attempting to remove the filth from the caulk and grout lines with store-bought products, they rarely had time to clean the shower. We discovered that the majority of the items they used were acidic. This clarified why their efforts had failed to deliver beneficial outcomes.

Grout and caulk can break if they are regularly exposed to water allowing it to seep beneath the surface. Water seepage, if left unchecked, can result in costly repairs. Fortunately, we arrived just in time to save this couple from an expensive repair.

Before and After Our Ceramic Shower Caulking and Sealing Services in Plainville, CT
We were asked whether we had a solution to their issue. We offered them a step-by-step procedure for restoring the shower's appearance. To begin, we would clean the shower completely to give it a new look. Second, we'd replace the broken caulk in the shower to prevent water from seeping into the hard surfaces. We also offered to use ColorSeal, a proprietary sealant, to seal the shower's fittings. This technique would not only restore their color but also protect them from hazardous external chemicals. The couple accepted the offer and made an appointment for later that week, confident in our abilities to restore the shower.

We returned to the customer's home on the day of the job, ready to do the service. We began by applying a pH-neutral cleaner to the shower's surfaces, which is safe for both tile and grout. After it has been applied, this cleaner has qualities that limit the growth of mold and other fungi. After that, we cleaned the shower's tiles and joints with a high-speed scrubber. We also utilized a steam cleaner to get rid of the filth in hard-to-reach places.

After cleaning the shower, we began fixing the damaged caulk with care. The wife asked if we could remove hard water from the shower glass and we did while we were caulking. We were able to remove it without damaging the glass. After re-caulking the joints with our own high-quality grout epoxy mix, we proceeded on to the final step, the sealing procedure. ColorSeal, our signature sealant, was used to protect the shower fittings against water, stains, soap, mold, and mildew. ColorSeal is also available in a variety of colors and makes cleaning surfaces easier. To give the shower a sanitary appearance, the customers picked white ColorSeal.

We showed the couple the results after we were finished. They were very satisfied with their shower's new look. They were also relieved that ColorSeal would make upkeep much easier. They expressed their gratitude for our excellent work and stated that they would suggest Sir Grout Hartford to their friends and relatives.

Before we left, we offered the homeowners some advice on how to keep the shower in good condition. First, we recommend cleaning the shower once a week using Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner, which is pH-neutral. Unlike other store-bought cleaners, this one is safe for both tile and grout and leaves no residue behind. We also recommended that the homeowners keep the surface as dry as possible by wiping away excess moisture with a dry cloth. Lastly, we urged them to keep an eye on the shower so that they may notice any problems right away.

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