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Our Techs Impress a Homeowner in Avon with the Best Grout Cleaning Service

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February 15, 2024

A homeowner in Avon really wanted to add some character to her shower, but she wasn't sure how to go about it. She'd already done all she could to keep every inch of her shower looking spotless, so dealing with soap scum and stickiness wasn't new for her. After much consideration, the homeowner realized that she'd become used to the muted color on the grout lines.

Tile Shower Before and After a Grout Cleaning in Avon
She remembered that the grout's color was supposed to be clear enough to contrast with the tiles, and this made her wonder if she'd also overlooked any signs of discoloration on the ceramic. With all these questions running around her head, the homeowner went online looking for tips and inspiration. That's how she discovered Sir Grout Hartford and her first impression only made her more interested in our Avon grout cleaning services.

Less than thirty minutes after she clicked on our website, the homeowner had scheduled an in-home evaluation online. Our crew responded to her request right away and, on the appointed date, she welcomed us into her home.

While they inspected the shower, our experts noticed a common pattern. Most of the stains were located on the seams surrounding the floor and there were traces of efflorescence around each corner. These areas give little room to work with so it's normal to have embedded dirt on the porous surface. Our techs didn't see any glaring problems, but they could tell that the shower had lost some of its natural charm. The colors weren't as vibrant and the grout was far from spotless, despite the homeowner's efforts to keep it that way. The horizontal joints seemed to be close to cracking and this would bring a host of new issues in the future.

Thankfully, the solution was simple. Our specialists introduced their restoration process to the client, confirming that they could have the shower looking as good as new after a single session. They gave a step-by-step description to clear any of the client's doubts since she had some questions about the content she'd found online. All in all, the homeowner had been interested in revamping her shower from the beginning so this was the perfect option for her. The visit ended soon after she set a new date for the restoration.

Following her request, our techs returned to her home a few days later. Once they were back in the shower area, they soaked the entire surface with a special cleaner. Then, they deep cleaned the shower, scrubbing every tile and scraping off the dirt that was stuck on the seams. Our product is highly effective so they only had to wait a few minutes for the dirt to get loose. They also used vapor steam to enhance our product's effect in all parts of the shower.

The second step was restoring the grout. To do this, our techs installed epoxy grout on all the seams to enhance their durability against liquids and surface damage. They applied ColorSeal to protect the grout on the floor and the floor, recoloring the grout lines to stand out against the tiles. Our unique sealant withstands constant traffic without leaving the pores unprotected against external elements. It repels water, soap residue, mold, mildew, soil, and more. Homeowners won't have to find new stains on the grout each time they use the shower and routine maintenance will flow much more smoothly.

The restoration was complete and it was time to show off the results. Our crew called the client back into the room and let her check her shower stall. The shower's new look surpassed all her expectations. The dullness was gone from the tiles and the colors were in full display, giving the shower a nice, stylish touch. The grout brought it all together in the most perfect way, and the homeowner couldn't be happier. She thanked our specialists and promised to recommend Sir Grout Hartford in all parts of the Avon area.

Before leaving the client's home, our experts answered her questions about grout maintenance and took the chance to share some useful tips. Since she was worried about the damage caused by most of the products in her cupboard, our techs started by listing the advantages of pH-neutral cleaners. Many of the products available today add to the effects of wear and tear without really doing a good job of removing the dirt. Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner doesn't stop at providing maximum cleaning power. It also makes it easier for homeowners when it comes to preserving their bathroom surfaces over the year. Our product has no chemical ingredients so there's no risk of discoloration and nothing to weaken the sealant's protection on the grout. This also means that homeowners can do their chores more comfortably, without worrying about contaminating their rooms with toxic fumes. To clean shower stalls, vanities, and bathroom floors, our techs recommend spreading the cleaner with a towel or a terry cloth. These tools also come in handy when removing the residue after you're done.

Good indoor ventilation is also important, and that's why we always recommend opening the windows and doors if a home's ventilation system doesn't keep the mold off harder-to-reach surfaces. These are all simple steps that could change your surfaces for the better without altering the most important parts of your weekly cleaning routine.

If you want to restore the beauty of your shower surfaces, don't despair! Sir Grout Hartford will amaze you with the quality of our restoration service. Our team has the skill set to transform any part of your bathroom into a work of art, along with the expertise to provide long-lasting results. You can call (860) 781-6480 or schedule a free quote online to set an appointment with us. And be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss our latest promotions and updates. The specialists at Sir Grout Hartford are ready to impress you!
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