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Our Stone Polishing Professionals Return a Marble Vanity in Southbury to Its Full Beauty

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April 20, 2022

A marble vanity can take a lot of damage in a short time. From etches to accidental scratches, their surfaces are prone to marks that are difficult to conceal. A homeowner in Southbury, CT, had tried to remove the signs of etching on her bathroom's vanity top. Most of the Carrara marble surface was covered in dull marks and rings, leaving an unsightly appearance that was very discouraging.

Marble Vanity Before and After a Stone Polishing in Southbury
The homeowner didn't give up. She tried new cleaning products some acquaintances had recommended, and when that didn't work, she didn't wait for the problem to get worse. After searching for Southbury Stone Polishing services online, she found Sir Grout Hartford. After looking through our website, seeing all our areas of expertise and the quality of our results, the homeowner was confident that we could restore her vanity top. She wasted no time and gave us a call.

Following her request, our local Sir Grout owner went to her residence a few days later for an in-home evaluation. They started inspecting the vanity's surface to check the extent of the damage. There were etch marks all over the marble surface, and the vanity top had lost all its shine. Our specialists went over the client's cleaning routine, which included various traditional cleaning products and the occasional mix of vinegar and water. Our techs explained that these products can chemically etch the surface of the marble and dull the shine. Luckily, we had the perfect restoration expertise to solve the problem and prevent provide the homeowner with cleaning recommendations to help prevent new stains in the future. Our specialists needed Sir Grout's professional equipment to clean the vanity properly. They also had to diamond hone and polish marble to restore its shine. After hearing a detailed description of our restoration process, the homeowner scheduled a service appointment to restore her beautiful marble vanity.

Our specialists returned a few days later to work on the vanity top. First, they cleaned the entire surface with a pH-neutral cleaner and removed all the residue with a high-speed scrubber. Our stone-safe cleaner has no harsh ingredients, so it's safe for all stone surfaces. Our techs cleaned the vanity thoroughly before working on the etch marks on the stone.

For this, they honed the vanity top with diamond-impregnated discs and pads until the etch marks were completely removed. They polished the marble thoroughly to restore its original shine.

To finish the process, our techs applied a coat of Stone Armor penetrating sealant on the newly restored surface. Application of a high quality sealant is the best protection against water absorption and staining. When we called the client back into the room, she was thrilled by the result. There wasn't a single blemish concealing the marble's shine, and the countertop looked as spotless as it'd been when first installed. The client thanked us repeatedly and promised to recommend our services as the best marble restoration experts in Southbury, CT.

Before leaving, our crew shared some additional cleaning tips with the client. They explained that pH-neutral formulas like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner are the most effective option for stone surfaces. Our product has no acidic ingredients that could damage the marble vanity top even after repeated use.

Sir Grout Hartford provides the best restoration services to preserve stone surfaces for a long time. We adapt our methods to different hard surfaces to provide results that withstand the effects of wear and tear. Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you need a specialized restoration method to fix the damage left by humidity and generic cleaning products. You can call (860) 781-6480 or fill out the "Request a Quote" form on our website to schedule an in-home evaluation. And be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about our latest info and promotions.

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