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A Bathroom Floor in Avon Looks Stunning Thanks to Our Grout Cleaning Crew

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April 08, 2024

Once you see traces of dirt on a floor's grout, it's hard to turn your attention anywhere else, especially when it comes to bathroom areas. A homeowner in Avon had high standards for all parts of her house, so she didn't take it lightly when her cleaning efforts didn't improve the discoloration of her bathroom surfaces.

Bathroom Floor Before and After a Grout Cleaning in Avon
She set out to find the best grout cleaning service in Avon and luckily found Sir Grout Hartford at the start of her search. Our website was at the top of her search results, and it didn't take long for the homeowner to see why. All our online content spoke of our team's expertise and the results in our picture gallery spoke for themselves.

The homeowner already knew that she wanted to schedule an appointment with our crew when she phoned us, so our agents filled in the gaps, answering to her questions about our standard restoration process. At the end of the call, the homeowner asked for an in-home evaluation and got the confirmation right away.

The next day, our experts arrived at her home to check her bathroom floor. As the homeowner had described during her call, the grout lines on the floor drew the wrong kind of attention, looking unhygienic against the white tiles. Traces of dirt were also embedded in the ceramic but they were less noticeable after the homeowner managed to scrub off parts of the stains. Our techs confirmed her suspicions about the lack of sealant on the grout.

Foot traffic was expected in that part of the house, so she wasn't surprised to know that the sealant had faded so quickly as a result. On the other hand, learning about the risks of chemical-based cleaners was more shocking for her, since she'd been using many of these products on her bathroom surfaces. Our techs explained that chemical ingredients don't enhance a product's effectiveness against embedded dirt. Instead, they can prompt discoloration and get external elements adhered to the grout's porous surface.

The solution was a deep cleaning service followed by sealant on the grout. Our techs offered to return to the client's home later that week and she gratefully accepted the offer, confirming a new appointment for the restoration.

On the scheduled date, our crew returned to the client's home in Avon, and this time they brought the most advanced equipment to ensure the desired results. First, they soaked the bathroom floor with a surface-safe cleaner, spreading the product over the entire surface before removing the dirt with a high-speed scrubbing machine.

For the next step, they checked that no dirt remained on the grout before they started sealing all the grout lines with our signature ColorSeal. This amazing sealant prevents stains by repelling external elements and liquids. It works against soil, grease, soap residue, mold, and more, so it's the ideal solution to improve a homeowner's cleaning results. At the client's request, our techs used bright white sealant on the grout, creating the perfect look to enhance the tiles' classic beauty.

They called the homeowner back into the bathroom as soon as they were done buffing the floor. By then, the surface had gone through a complete transformation, so the homeowner was impressed by the floor's look. She thanked our specialists for their assistance and promised to recommend our high-quality restoration services to all her friends and relatives.

While putting away their equipment, our techs shared some additional recommendations with the client. They knew how much trouble homeowners got during the maintenance of their bathroom surfaces so they started by introducing the best option to replace chemical-based cleaners. PH-neutral formulas like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner never fail at removing embedded dirt, including mold, mildew, and the marks left by spills. Because there are no harsh elements in its formula, our cleaner provides thorough results without weakening your sealant in the process, and homeowners can follow a consistent cleaning regime without worrying about toxic fumes. Our second recommendation was to avoid sharp tools that could scratch the ceramic. A mop, a towel, or a terry cloth will be much more effective in scrubbing off the dirt without leaving residue between the tiles.

When it comes to the right environment for the maintenance of hard surfaces, our specialists recommend keeping the air flowing at all times of the day. An easy way to do this is by opening the bathroom door and the windows nearby. This simple habit will do wonders to stop the spread of mold and mildew around a floor's grout and shower seams.

Do you want to upgrade your bathroom surfaces with top-tier restoration services? Sir Grout Hartford offers a thorough grout cleaning process where no part of your bathroom is left untouched. Our specialists guarantee thorough results and a vast improvement in your cleaning routine, so don't hesitate to reach out to us. You can call (860) 781-6480 or schedule a free quote online to request an appointment. Also, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss our latest promotions and updates.
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