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Astonishing Polished Marble Foyer Is Restored by Our Stone Polishing Experts in Southington

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October 09, 2023

A homeowner required a restoration ASAP for her polished marble foyer because the home was going on sale. Everything about the property was in terrific condition, except for its foyer floor. This marble surface was once beautiful and gleaming. Unfortunately, it now looked dull and worn. Worse yet, there was a very noticeable stain right in the center of the floor where the family dog had gotten sick. The owners were concerned that this might result in expensive repairs. Replacing such valuable stones would take too long, so the homeowner opted to hire a professional stone polishing company.

Foyer Before and After Our Stone Polishing in Southington, CT
The homeowner went online to look for the best stone polishing services in Southington, CT, in the hopes of solving her concerns in time. The top search results brought her to our website. She was convinced that we were the ideal option for restoring her marble surface after perusing our before and after picture gallery, and reading the positive feedback from our pleased customers. She requested a free in-home consultation by filling out the "Request a Quote" form.

We went to the homeowner's house to check the state of the marble surface. We were instantly aware of the issues. The stone had lost its brilliance and brightness, giving the floor a drab appearance. The dark areas were caused by chemical etching from the pet vomit. At first, the etched areas looked like light, dull splotches, typical of acid etching, but after some time, everyday dust and dirt stick more quickly to the etched areas, and they begin to look darker like a stain. We explained all of this to the homeowner as well as proper cleaning and sealing processes.

Foyer Floor Before and After Our Stone Polishing in Southington, CT
We proposed a solution after successfully assessing the surface and addressing the issues with the owner. We had concluded that regular cleaning would not be sufficient for a successful restoration so this work would demand Sir Grout's high-end equipment and professional approach. We recommended a multi-step procedure honing, polishing, and sealing process to repair the damage and give the marble foyer a fresh look. Our proposal was exactly what the homeowner was looking for, so she hired us immediately.

After the examination, we began the restoration the next day. The stone honing and polishing procedures must follow steps to attain the proposed objectives. We started by cleaning the surface with a high-speed scrubber and a stone-safe cleaner. Our proprietary product will not harm the marble because it is produced with high-quality ingredients. We were ready to diamond hone the marble after cleaning it. We prepared our professional tools for this operation and ran several sets, each successive diamond grit level finer than the preceding one. We kept honing until no signs of damage could be seen. The surface takes on a matte finish after honing. To restore the marble's luster, it must be polished. We used a high-quality marble polishing compound with our low-speed floor machine to reach the appropriate gloss level.

Foyer Floor After Our Stone Polishing in Southington, CT
We followed up by buffing the marble floor and applying a protective sealant to the marble and grout. Our superior solution helps prevent liquid absorption from accidental spills that might otherwise leave a stain. It minimizes wear and tear from everyday use, making cleaning practices simple and quick. It gives the surface a revitalized appearance and provides long-lasting results. The restoration was a complete success, with the stain removed and the marble gleaming wonderfully. This foyer will be a showstopper when the home goes on the market!

It was time to show our clients the results. The owner was amazed by their marble floor's gleaming new appearance. She was excited because the renovation had allowed her to save thousands of dollars. The homeowner complimented us on our performance before we departed, and after thanking us, she promised us that she would recommend our services around her area.

Polished marble is a great stone for flooring. It has flair and beauty, and the stone is long-lasting. Yet, the surface demands proper maintenance. The easiest method to avoid damage and degradation is to follow our advice. Setting up a weekly cleaning plan is recommended. Vacuum frequently to remove dust and grit from the floor. Then, use only soap-free, pH-neutral cleaners, such asSir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner.

Unlike some other cleaners, our solution leaves no residue and has numerous advantages. It is non-toxic and safe for all household members, including pets. Soap-based cleaners can leave a sticky film that attracts more dirt. Acidic cleaners, like vinegar, will etch and dull polished marble and are not recommended. Sir Grout Natural Hard Surface Cleaner avoids these issues, plus it is also very effective for granite, tile and grout so you only need one cleaner for all of the hard surfaces in your home!

Sir Grout Hartford is the best alternative for giving your dull marble surface a lovely new shine. Our skilled team will improve any stone with a refreshed appearance using our superior stone polishing procedure. We have years of expertise as a leading company in the hard surface restoration industry, giving dependable solutions to many satisfied customers. Call us at (860) 781-6480 or fill out the "Request a Quote" form on this page to schedule a free consultation today. If you want to keep up with our latest news and promotions, subscribe to our newsletter.
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