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An Overwhelming Rust-Stained Bathroom Restored with Our Stone Cleaning in Madison, CT

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May 16, 2018

Seeing rusty water come out of your bathroom's pipes can be quite overwhelming, especially when you have no clue what's causing this to happen. Rusty water does not only involve fixing whatever is causing it, but also the consequences that come with it. Fortunately, this homeowner found a solution to the aftermath thanks to our Madison stone cleaning service.

Before and After Picture of a Stone Cleaning in Madison, Connecticut
The Problem
The problem started a couple of months prior, when all of a sudden brown water started gushing out of her pipes every time she turned the hot water on. It had a strange color and was even a bit smelly. After seeking the help of a plumber, it was discovered that a high concentration of sulfates and other minerals were getting cooked inside her water heater, only to be later released through tap water.

To solve this problem, the plumber had to replace the water heater's tank anode rod, which is the part responsible for keeping the tank from corroding. Unfortunately, as stated earlier, fixing the water heater didn't magically solve all the issues; the brownish rusty water had been gradually staining her bathroom floor and entire shower.

Though the plumber could not handle this particular subsequent issue, he knew the people who could. He recommended our natural stone cleaning service and left the homeowner a phone number where she could reach us. That same afternoon, the homeowner decided to give us a call, where she asked for an appointment and an in-home evaluation.

Before and After of a Stone Cleaning in Madison, CT
The In-Home Evaluation
When our experts arrived on the scene, they encountered a shower completely covered in orange rust stains. It was no wonder the homeowner felt overwhelmed and frustrated. Rust stains tend to cause a strong impression on people. Our experts remained completely unfazed because they had dealt with similar problems in the past and were more than capable of solving it. After reassuring the homeowner the problem could be easily handled, our experts proposed performing a cleaning process on both the marble floor and the fiberglass shower, followed by a honing process to remove any possible trace of rust stains that might remain. Relieved that we could solve the problem, she accepted our experts' assessment and booked a nearby date for the service to take place.

The Stone Cleaning and Honing Service
As scheduled, our crew arrived and quickly began to clear the bathroom and prep their gear to get the job started. They began the cleaning process by using our proprietary stone cleaners and a high-speed scrubber on every surface. Next, a honing process was performed to get rid of the rust stains for good. In this stage, the stone's outer layers are gradually removed using different grit pads until it regains its original look.

Before and After Picture of a Stone Cleaning in Madison, CT
Once the cleaning and honing procedures were finished, the whole bathroom looked amazing. Not even the sharpest eye could ever tell the shower or bathroom floors ever had a rust stain. The homeowner was absolutely amazed with the results. Not only was the rust and foul smell gone, but her bathroom looked practically brand-new.
Before leaving, our experts sat down with the homeowner and shared a few handy care and maintenance tips to help her keep their marble floors and fiberglass shower in the best possible conditions:
  • Clean marble or any other stone surface with stone-safe, pH-neutral cleaners.
  • Dust your hard surfaces frequently. This will avoid scratches.
  • Seal your hard surfaces for extra protection. Applying a sealant onto the surface will seal the pores and make it less likely to stain, etch, or scratch. It will also look and stay looking new and refreshed.

You Too Can Get Your Rust Stain Problem Solved with Our Stone Cleaning Service!
Even though rust stains tend to be quite stubborn and the sight can be a bit much for some people, they are not a problem a professional crew can't easily solve. As you can tell from this homeowner's experience, bringing stone and fiberglass surfaces back to their original state from rust stains is possible, and even easy, with our professional services. If you happen to have a similar hard surface restoration problem you can't fix, give us a call at (860) 781-6480 or feel free to fill out the "Request a Quote" form found on this page to book a free evaluation. We will be more than happy to help. Also, subscribe to our newsletter to take advantage of our latest promotions by subscribing to our newsletter.

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